SoFresh Beginnings

Healthy choices for your best life!

"Cooking and helping people become a better version of themselves are the two things
that drive me everyday."

SoFresh’s Founder & CEO, Sofia's culinary roots run deep, thanks to her visionary great-grandfather who hailed from Spain’s vibrant, flavorful streets and served excellence as Owner and Executive Chef of a popular Venezuelan restaurant.

But in 2019, her world suddenly spun when she battled being at her heaviest weight, and health issues landed her in the ER. Once she left the hospital, Sofia committed to taking charge of her life. She made meal prep a habit and the gym her second home, shedding 45 lbs and transforming herself inside and out.

Driven by her journey, Sofia started SoFresh on a mission to transform herself and others. Her dedication was unmatched, even though she initially began to let her own health slide.

She dedicated herself tirelessly, although she began to let her health slip through the cracks again. As the saying goes, "You can't help others if you can't help yourself." Realizing this, Sofia shifted focus and reclaimed control.

Today, Sofia's unwavering passion for flavor and well-being fuels everything we do at SoFresh. We’re here to provide culinary experiences that transcend boundaries and traditions. Are you ready to savor the infusion of mouthwatering taste and well-being?

What Makes Us SO Different

Flavor At Your Door

Don’t wash out pots or stand in long lines at the market. Get rich and tasty meals fresh from Atlanta, GA.

Wellness, Freshly Served

We only use the purest, most wholesome ingredients.

Satisfy Every Craving

We know you like options, so we’re always adding new guilt-free pleasures to the lineup.

Our mission is simple: to fuel your body and take your tastebuds on a trip across regions. Say goodbye to the hassle of ordering to go or cleaning up the kitchen. Our dedication to healthiness, variety, and convenience ensures you always have delectable options. You're only a few clicks away. Let's get sexy together!

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